Monday, 4 March 2013

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Firstly I know i'm a little behind the times in discovering this fabulous product, but now I love it and can't imagine my crafting life without it.  I now find myself saying "I could have used this for that project I did a year ago, grr" ah well I have it now and it's staying!

Mod Podge is a very versatile product, so many uses including;

A glue -  use it on like any other glue and it dries clear, perfect for those of use with a heavy hand.
A sealer - you can brush it on to a finished project to seal it from moisture, I find this most helpful here is summer when its super humid and you can't escape the moisture.
A finish - Mod Podge comes in 2 different finishes matte and gloss, a great finish to your project.

Mod Podge is available is many varieties including formulas specific for; paper and fabric, as well as a glitter, satin and shimmer finishes, so there is a project for every occasion.

You can check out the the Plaid website for more information.

Formula Guide:

Here are a couple of example of use:



Side by side

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