Tuesday, 5 August 2014

30 Days of Paleo - Day 1

he blog is taking a bit of a different turn today, this is non crafty post.

I am starting a 30 Paleo lifestyle today, in the aim of improving my health, well-being and hopefully loose a little weight along the way.  If you don't know about paleo it is also known as Primal, Caveman, and Stone Age diet draws its core principles from our hunter-gatherer, ancestral lifestyle and combines those with modern scientific research and a good dose of common sense. (taken from http://eatdrinkpaleo.com.au/).  You can check it out if you want more info. 

Well I am not one for being good at sticking to meal plans, diets etc. I tend to get a little bored when they are all written out for me and I don't get much choice, however with this one I WANT to make a change in my eating habits and lifestyle so have created it to what foods suit me and my family.  
It took me a couple of hours to scour the World Wide Web to find lots of yummy recipes and put them all together, so i'll share my hard work with you all. 

So why am I blogging about this you ask? Well to be honest I need the accountability -  if I know I have committed to blogging about it and there is the possibility that someone, somewhere is waiting for my next update (not likely but I'll pretend anyway hehe) I am more likely to stick to it and have it work for me.

I will post photos of the yummy meals, my (and my families) likes and dislikes and some recipes along the way.

Day 1
Breakfast - Boiled eggs with avocado (I hadn't been shopping & this was all that was in the house)
Lunch - tuna salad
Dinner - Sweet Potato and roast pepper crust less quiche + salad

I loved dinner, it was super yummy and the sweet potato curbed my sugary cravings, hubby gave it a 6/10 he likes his meals to have meat (lots of it) hehe. 

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