Saturday, 9 August 2014

30 Days of Paleo - days 4 & 5

Hi everyone,
So the plan is going well - having a few sugary cravings, trying to just work past them and think of all the benefits of life without sugar.

Meals for day 4

: Capsicum rings with friend eggs
Lunch: Left overs from last night - Since we didn't have the mince, I made a tuna salad.
Dinner: I made the savory mince we were supposed to have last night

Breakfast was super easy and extra yummy 8/10
Lunch was a bit boring but filled the spot until dinner
Dinner - It was so good  it even got a 9/10 from my husband, so I will be cooking that again. It's jam packed full of veges so an extra big win for me :)

Meals for day 5

Breakfast: Eggs fried in coconut oil with bacon (I little bit of maple syrup on my bacon - YUM!)
Lunch: Left overs from last night - think the mince was even better reheated
Dinner: Grilled lamb cutlets with salad

All meals were pretty tasty today.  I was having massive sugar cravings today, my poor son just couldn't do anything right :(
I showed extreme restraint when Franc came home from work - he wanted to take Sam out for a quick ice cream as he had been complaining of a sore throat, as he wasn't well he wanted me to come. I sat in the car all the way through the McDonalds drive-thru, and the watched them both eat their sundaes. Oh how I wanted one of my own, but I didn't and now I feel so much better knowing "I CAN do this!"

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