Thursday, 14 August 2014

30 Days of Paleo days 8, 9 & 10

It has been crazy busy around here the last few days, so just sitting down to write a new blog post and realised I hadn't posted in 3 days ahh. So here is my catch up.

Day 8 Meal plan
Breakfast - Scrambled eggs with bacon, tomato and spinach
Lunch - Salad with left over roast chicken
Dinner - Chicken wonton soup - this was loaded with veges and super yummy.

Day 9 Meal plan

Breakfast - Poached eggs, avocado and salsa
Lunch - Salad with left over roast chicken  (again)
Dinner - Tacos, well I had the mince and veges without the shell.

Day 10 Meal plan

Breakfast - Left over taco mince wrapped in an egg omelet (crepe style)
Lunch - Salami and halloumi egg muffins
Dinner - Pizza

So the last 3 days haven't been the best I have had nasty cough since Sunday night. On Monday I felt like chicken soup all day, so at 4.30 (I know super early) my lovely husband offered to go pick up something for dinner - he suggested 3 takeaway places before we agreed on Malaysian, they make a awesome wonton noodle soup in chicken broth. I got it without the noodles, and even though the wonton wrappers are not so good for the diet I really didn't mind break the "rules" just this once.  Well that was until Wednesday night, I had all the good intentions of making a yummy beef and vegetable stir-fry for dinner, that was until 4.30pm and my darling son decided to throw a massive tantrum, thus in turn upsetting me and making his father angry. So when he was advised that I was not cooking rice or noodles with his stir-fry (but he could cook some himself) he poo-pooed the entire dinner and asked for something else, I caved, I wanted to be strong and say no, but the thought a nice hot piece of pizza was too good to resist. I had 2 pieces and regretted it, I suffered in silence for the rest of the night, knowing this was my own doing :(

The other massive hurdle I overcame this week was making 36 cupcakes and icing them to look like a princess dress for a friends-daughters birthday (see the photo below, i'm pretty happy with the outcome). Oh boy was it hard, my stomach kept saying "just 1 taste of the batter won't hurt" or "1 taste of icing won't kill you" or my favourite "you have to try it for quality control!".  I am super proud of myself for only caving and tasting a tiny finger of icing, (after the cakes were iced of course and only for quality control lol). I realised sugar gives me a headache and makes my teeth hurt and I don't need it! Yay a breakthrough :)

I will be doing a crafty post later tonight or tomorrow, so if you want to see what I have been up to (other they trying to be healthy) check it out :)

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