Thursday, 4 September 2014

Paleo life

Ok so I feel off the wagon a little bit in the last week - well if I am really honest the whole wagon fell apart :(
To say I felt a little sick after having a bit of a blowout last week (there may have been ice cream and chocolate involved) is an understatement, I felt terrible, had a bad sleep that night and bloated and horrible the next day. So I have come to the conclusion that this clean eating lifestyle is definitely good for me!!

So I have been back on track this week, I have even joined in on a few other weight loss challenges:
- Daily squats challenge
- Couch to 5k
- Increasing my water intake to 4L a day

So after doing all of these things for the last 5 days, my legs ache, I actually want more water (never thought that would happen), I'm staying fuller for longer and in general feeling great.  If you want a really great app to help you track your weight loss goal I have been using "my fitness pal" it is avaliable for iPhone and Android. (please note I am in not way affiliated by this company)

Here is the meal plan I have followed for this week:

MondayBreakfast - Poached eggs + tomatoes and mushrooms 
Lunch - Egg salad in a lettuce wrap with veges
Dinner - Steak with and salad

TuesdayBreakfast - Hard boiled egg
Lunch - Asian cabbage salad
Dinner - Lamb loin chops with asparagus and baked sweet potato fries.

WednesdayBreakfast - Poached eggs + tomatoes and mushrooms 
Lunch -
Pea and ham soup
Dinner -
GF sausages with sweet potato mash and broccoli 

Breakfast - 2 Hard boiled eggs
Lunch -
Tomato and chickpea soup - not strictly Paleo (my aunt made it and man it was YUMMY!)
Dinner - Chicken breast

FridayBreakfast - 2 Hard boiled eggs
Lunch -
Tuna lettuce wrap
Dinner - Chicken, leek and bacon "pie" I wont have the pie crust.

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