Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Taco salad - Paleo style

I just had my new favourite dinner, Taco salad.  I had seen it on a blog a couple of years ago and never paid much attention (I think it is more of an American dish - well  I have yet to see it on a menu here). So while trying to come up with idea's for dinner this week I was given a suggestion of Taco's, which got my mind wondering "how can I have Taco's on a Paleo diet?" so off on a Google search I went, what came up?  Taco Salad!  So here is my version, adapted slightly from a couple of other blogs.

Taco mince mixture

Spice mix1T oregano
1T garlic powder
1T onion powder
1.5T cumin
1/2t chilli powder (you could add more if you like yours spicy)
1T thyme
salt and pepper

Mix all these ingredients together in a bowl and set aside (this should be enough for 2 mixes).

Meat mix
1T coconut oil
1 red onion (you could use brown)
500g beef mince
Tomato paste

Heat oil in a frying pan, add onion (leave about 1T aside for your guacamole), cook onion until softened.
Add half of the spice mix and stir through (store the other half in an airtight container to use next time).
Add the beef mince and cook until just browned. Stir in the tomato paste.  Let it sit on a low heat while you prepare the other ingredients.

Prepare all your sala/d veges while the meat in cooking. I used chopped lettuce, grated carrot, cherry tomatoes (quartered) and chopped avocado.

1 avacado
1T red onion (use the left overs from the meat mix)
1 clove of garlic
Juice of half a lime
1t oil
salt and pepper

Add all the ingredients into a blender (or in a bowl with a stick mixer). Pure until combined, you should get a smooth paste like consistency.

Lay our lettuce on a plate and top with other vegetables, add your mince mix (recipe below) then top with some guacamole (recipe below above).  Franc did add some cheese and sour cream to his - I resisted the temptation, after feeling so great being back on the wagon for 2 weeks I couldn't let a little sour cream get in my way of a healthy lifestyle!

This meal was rated 9/10 on the husband scale, so definitely a winner in this household.

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