Monday, 2 March 2015

30 days of lists - day 2

Today's prompt


So here is my list 
No junk food - not even sure why I thought this would be possible, my DH tries to be nice and let me have the "night off" cooking (at least twice a week) by offering to get take out. I know it's just because he wants it - not really to be nice. I try not to cave in and let him get something I know I will regret. I have been stronger in saying no - so that's a start right???? 

Exercise 6 days a week - well I was doing pretty well last year... Then we went on holiday. I started well for the first week of the new year then DH had to go away for work, so there went my early morning runs as I couldn't leave my 3 year old at home alone!! So I fell of the exercise band wagon, might change this goal to Exercise once a week - far more manageable.

Stop swearing - seriously who was I kidding when I thought of this nonsecnce. I mean I know I swear a little (ok a tad more than a little), I'm trying to cut back - but sometimes things happen and it just feels right to say F$&k IT!!

Anyway those were my long winded excuses for not sticking to my resolutions. Next years resolution - DON'T MAKE ANY!  

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