Sunday, 1 March 2015

30 days of lists - day one

So I was browsing my way around Instagram this morning (as you do at 5.20am on a Sunday when you're the only one awake), when I stumbled across the hashtag #30lists. I had to know more about this so followed the links to the website, after 7 minutes of looking around I was hooked - signed up right here and then! 
I have been looking for a new project to get stuck into and this was just too perfect 1. I LOVE LISTS, 2. I needed a new project, 3. It was starting today, 4. Did I mention I love lists.
I went down to Officeworks and picked up an art journal along with some super cheap water colour paints ($5 in the kids section - bargain) and set to work on my title page.  

With it still only being the 28th February in America, I had to wait a few more hours until the prompt for today was released, I decided I was going to do my 30 lists in "junk journal" style - having never done one of these before I thought it would be fun (plus I could play with some goodies that have been laying around unused and feeling neglected) 
I stamped, I painted, I got out the thickers, stickers and coloured pens and just had FUN! I love how it turned out (totally different from my usually work)

Anyway 6pm came and it was time for the prompt of the day - eagerly refreshing the website it finally came up 


So here is my page for this prompt - I used a Project Life journal card, added some stickers for a tile then just listed my thoughts - it was so simple. 

I will be back again tomorrow with day 2's prompt and page.

Thanks for stopping by 

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